Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If it's a journey, where are you headed?

Sunday we had the joy of celebrating with 32 of our partners their completion of a series of classes we call NHCU.

Part of our church's vision is to equip believers and provide the stepping stones to help them grow to maturity as Christians. I have to tell you, I chuckle when I hear others being critical of churches like ours because we preach "gospel lite" or are "shallow"!

We expect all who commit to being in fellowship with us at Nags Head Church to go through these 5 classes. They are an integral part of our strategy for helping believers to become fully devoted Christ followers. The five classes (about 20 hours of instruction) cover the subjects of connecting with the church, developing good spiritual habits, sharing your faith with your world, worshiping God and serving others in the family of God.

Not that taking 5 classes qualifies anyone as a true disciple, but it's a start on a life-long journey. Congrats to those who completed the course. Keep taking those intentional steps in following the Lord. And encourage others to do the same.
The goal is to get around the bases!


CJolly said...

As a graduate of NHCU I just want to say,
If you are a member of NHC, TAKE THE CLASSES! If you aren't a member, come check us out, take 101, find out what we're all about,if you agree and want to, join, and TAKE THE CLASSES!!!

Yeah they're that good ... Seriously!!

Andy Lawrenson said...

I chuckle as well Rick. I think if the "critics" took the time to listen to the podcast they would obviously hear that we aren't "lite".

Sometimes, I think, pastors and churches are critical because perhaps their church isn't growing or "alive" so they look to take it out on someone else. (this is my opinion with no real scientific research)

I also think that there are some church folk out there that have convinced themselves, without really admitting it openly, that church is supposed to be boring. As a result any church that is fun and enjoyable must be "lite".