Friday, July 28, 2017

Understand the "Why"

One of the lessons I've learned as a leader of God's people is this: If the vision isn't constantly and consistently shared you can't expect people to "get it".  By that, I mean that no one just automatically grasps the "why" - the rhyme and the reason of what's behind "doing church" they way we do.

If they don't "get it" I can't, as a leader really get upset with them for not being involved in ministry and mission.  That is, unless they just refuse.  Then I wonder a lot of things.

At our church we have set the bar high when it comes to partners (members) being active (meaning consistent) participants in the multitude of ministries (service to our church) and missions (service to the world outside of our church).  Behind that high bar are the clear teachings of Scripture about the giftedness and devotion taught by Christ and the Apostles.  It really is inescapable!

This morning a letter arrived addressed to me.  No return address.  No signature.  Typically anonymous letters are critical in nature, and as such find their way into the circular file.  But this was very different, and illustrates so well why Nags Head Church puts a premium on what we do as a church.


This is why we:
  • Stress that every partner find a ministry.  What's expressed in the letter is a reflection on everyone who serves on Sundays, from the parking lot team helping everyone find a spot (we're often at capacity) to the First Impressions team making everyone welcome, to the Cowabunga Cove (our kids ministry) check-in staff and our Hospitality Team with their smiles and fresh coffee, our greeters, tech team, Milepost 13 Band...everyone.
  • Believe that everyone in attendance has a need that only God and His Word can meet. At NHC we preach and teach the Bible.  No pop psychology.  No decaf treatment of the Scriptures.  We understand that candy-coated and watered down Gospel is no Gospel at all.  And with each song chosen and sermon prepared our hope is for life-change.
  • Try to provide a well-organized and distraction-free worship environment.  Nothing that happens on Sunday is put into action without the realization that God is not the author of confusion.  So, our band is tight.  Our tech team's goal is to make the visuals clear and on time with the song or the sermon.  Our sound guys want the balance to be right.  The service "flows".  We discourage young children from being in an adult oriented worship gathering.  They're cute, but often a distraction for those around them who are trying to participate and listen to God. (Which is why our kids ministry from nursery through 5th grade is the best around!)  Our ushers work so hard to find seating in an often filled auditorium, and ask you to please fill in the empty seats!  
 It's what we do and why we do it so lives are changed and God gets the glory.