Thursday, April 26, 2018

Pros vs. Cons

We can weigh the pros vs. the cons, but ultimately we must come to the conclusion that the only way for it to fly is if God provides the wings. - The Replanted Church

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Replanted Church. Finally done.

About ten years ago I started writing the story of what God did to turn our church around.  Knowing that there are more churches (than we would like to admit) dying in America, my hope was and is that the principles God used with us will give encouragement to congregations who are circling the drain.

Last fall I was granted a Sabbatical by my church. I knew that time should be used to get the book done.  With the help of some friends in Colorado and the use of their cabin, and others who have published writings to help with the ins and outs of getting it from a file on my laptop to print, the project was finished in early February.

My amazingly talented son, Nathan, did the cover design.  Looks great, doesn't it?

Our story (at least the part in the book) begins in 1991 and goes through 1996.  Five years of seeing change come about that resulted in a healthy, growing church. 

None of it is rocket science. 

I'll be changing the look of this blog somewhat - it's been unchanged for far too long - and posting more regularly about church stuff that I've learned in an effort to help other pastors.  If you're part of a church, even if not a pastor or on staff, I hope you'll at least be challenged by some of what I post.

And if you like it, order a copy of the book!  Mostly, could you pray for those pastors and churches who read it.  My hope is for it to make a difference in the Kingdom.