Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just Where Does God Fit In?

That the Democratic Party's original platform excluded the mention of God, while a departure from their past, should not be a surprise to anyone who has been watching their rapid movement away from traditional American values over the past few years.  And, in this free society it is certainly within their rights to do so if they so choose.

What is telling and appalling, however, is how, once they felt pressure to mention God, they amended their platform with what appeared to everyone to be less than the required 2/3 majority support.  That the chair proclaimed the amendment passed seemed a railroad job.  The people's voice seemed to be irrelevant to the process.

But most concerning was how many opposed the amendment to include to mention God.  Is this a party that reflects the values of most Americans?  Is this a party platform God-fearing people can support?

I hope not.  But perhaps I am wrong.  Much more is at stake here than jobs and deficits. 

Which right is it? The line in the sand is drawn.

If we insist that abortion in this country is about a woman's rights over her own body and to choose, then we must first insist that the unborn have no moral or civil rights in this country. The rights of the unborn must first be negated, or at the least seen as secondary. All the "what if" scenarios must take a lesser place to this supreme right.

To insist the unborn have no rights requires a belief that life does not begin until birth. Therefore, for 9 months the unborn is not a valid human but an appendage of the woman, who is not yet a "mother" because the child has not gained person-hood, just as I am not the "father" of a skin tag that pops up on my neck.

It only follows then, that if a woman who is pregnant refers to or thinks of the fetus she carries as her "baby" ("I felt my 'baby' move/kick"; "I hope my baby is a boy/girl") she believes that within her womb is a human life preparing for entrance into the world, not simply an appendage.

Therefore, for such a woman to consider the pre-born in her own womb a "baby" but to not desire to protect the lives of other "babies" (whom she considers valid human beings) by taking a pro-abortion rights stance is illogical. And for someone who takes the position that an unborn child is a "baby" to refuse to stand up to defend that person's moral and civil right to life is unconscionable.

Life is the basic human right. Everything else is built upon that, making it vastly more important than jobs, the economy or foreign affairs. If we turn a blind eye to the foundation of life, everything else will eventually crumble. The choices before us as Americans are very clearly drawn as we approach this election. There can be no neutral ground on this issue.

(Read on if you consider yourself a Christian.)

As Christ-followers we hold to a view that life is sacred and that it begins at conception. Those views are grounded in our belief that the Bible is the Word of God. Each of us will be held accountable for our actions and our words, and that must include (as Americans) what we support at the ballot box.

If life is sacred and holy to God, it must be to us as well. Please be sure your vote has been formulated by a biblical worldview.