Thursday, February 18, 2016

Never Give Up!

Is there a greater college basketball rivalry than Carolina/Duke?  Probably not.  They played Wednesday night and like all their other games it was nip and tuck and literally down to the last possession and final shot.

Carolina is the better, more experienced and stronger team.  They were ranked #5, while Duke was way down at #20 nationally.  And they played at the Dean Dome, Carolina’s home court.  It was no wonder then, that Duke was always playing catch up.  I thought that when the UNC lead was at eight points late in the half that it was their win.

But Duke never quit.   

They began to whittle at that lead in the waning minutes, and with just over 15 seconds remaining took a 1 point lead.  Still, all the Tar Heels had to do was score one bucket to win.  But the Duke defense was tenacious, and the last shot from Carolina was an air ball that landed in the hands of the Blue Devils.  Game over.

The lesson for us today is never quit.  Don’t give up, even when it seems there is no hope.  Our God is our hope, and He is always with us.