Monday, June 27, 2011

Hate the sin; Love the sinner. Easier said than done.

If we denounce the sin, the sinner takes it personally. And why shouldn't he/she? No one wants to be judged as wrong.

If we dare declare something right vs. wrong we're told by the disciples of the religion of tolerance that we are intolerant, and that they will not tolerate that.

If we speak a word of disagreement with pop culture or political correctness we are told, "This is 2011!", as though a changing calendar makes changing morality right. I'm resolve to being a dinosaur.

I was recently told in a public forum where I shared my views (in a matter of fact but non-judgmental way), that if I wanted to live in a theocracy then I should emigrate! Believe me...I'm looking forward to that day. And I think it's sooner than later. At least I hope so.