Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Words Have Meaning

Words are crucial to our communication, aren’t they?  Without words and the ability to use them, whether verbally or via writing or sign language, communication can either come to a complete halt or at the least bring confusion. 

The God who created the universe in all its vastness has chosen to communicate with us through His “Word”.  The word “Word” has two applications in the Scripture.

First, is the written Word, the Bible.  He used 30+ authors to write down in 66 books what He wanted us to know about Him, about life, about eternity, etc.  Because the Bible is God’s inspired word – that means “God breathed” it, it is perfect and without error.  He had the authors write exactly what He wanted to say.

Second is the “Word made flesh” – the description John gives us in John 1 of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who came to earth in human form to reveal with even greater intimacy just who God is.

Unlike our human vocabularies, where the meanings of words change frequently (“sick” now means very cool) God’s Word, reveals His character, which is immutable – never changing.

Be careful these days when some, even well-meaning believers want to change God’s words to mean things He did not intend. 

Jesus and the Bible are His Word and He’s sticking to it.