Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm Not As Dumb As I Look

In some ways pastors are like cops.  You know, (maybe you really know) how when a cop pulls someone over for an infraction and some sort of excuse is given that is so contrived and contradictory, that the cop thinks, "This guy really believes I'm dumber than dirt".

Often I'll run into a, shall I say, "lapsed" church member...someone who hasn't darkened the door of my church for let's say at least a year.  I hear all kinds of excuses...

"I've been really busy".  Oh.  And the rest of us get eight days in our week and just sit around with nothing to do.

"I've found a church that better suits my family's schedule."  So you're telling me they don't meet on Sunday mornings?

"I'm more suited to such and such church because their music is quieter."  So, when you joined our church, with its loud music, were you being dishonest with your sincere desire to partner with us?

Stuff like that. 

But check out what I heard this morning..."I've been going to church with my boyfriend to such and such church at 11:00."  Then a sentence or two later, "I really want to go to 'my church' (which happens to be the church I pastor where she hasn't been seen for several years), but I have to work every Sunday." 

So, which is it?  You're going to church with your boyfriend on Sundays or you're working on Sundays?  Seems to me it can't be both. 

Get real.  I might look it, but I'm not that dumb.