Monday, March 24, 2008

Grin and bear it!

You gotta just shake your head and wonder about people who consistently show up at church a minute or two before a service begins and have this puzzled look as to why all the seats in the back are taken! Especially on a day like Easter!!

Hey, if you want to sit in the back in a Baptist church, you better get there early!
Hey, get out of bed ten minutes earlier! (We open the doors to our auditorium ten minutes before the gathering begins and at that time all the seats are available.)
Hey, by showing up when the gathering begins and by leaving out the door with the last "Amen" you're missing the point. (Here's a clue: It's not about YOU!)
Hey, if you want to sit together as a family, see the above points! But in a growing church, we're not going to apologize for being full! (If you want a church where there are plenty of empty seats I'm sure they can be found.)

Seriously, though, being consistently "late" is a matter of personal discipline and priority. Too many people in our church show up on Sunday morning an hour, even an hour and a half early to serve others, and that tells me that they "get it". Heck, we have families driving an hour or more one way to be in church on Sunday and somehow they get there in time to grab a cup of coffee, say "Hi" to friends and find seats.

Hey, get a clue!

(I'm laughing as I write this. If I can't find humor in such things I'll go insane!!)


Stacey said...

Gotta love it, right? :-) Good preachin' brother!

Andy Lawrenson said...

Funny you should blog about that. I've been analyzing some people....

janice said...

My favorite is when week after week the same folks arrive 10-15 minutes late with a Dunkin donuts coffee. They make their way up front for a seat and then half way through the service need a potty break!
Janice in NH

Rick Lawrenson said...

Thanks for that warning. Dunkin donuts is about to open up a store 2 miles from the church next month!

But then, we give out coffee and donuts here before and after church.

CFHusband said...

we need to offer Dunkin Donuts coffee at the church.

Terry Gray Sr. said...

I posted the following in the wrong section of the blog. I guess I was so excited after Rick's preachin...I hit the wrong button.

Terry Gray Sr. said...
How powerful a message you preached this morning! I again came away with the thought you had touched every heart in the NHC. I know you did mine. I am sure it was the best Easter Service I have ever attended.

I came away with such a peace and better understanding that Jesus truely has done all that is neccessary, all we have to do is accept him as our Lord.

I really enjoyed the band also, they most definatly rocked this morning.

Hope your trip is a safe one today and that good news awaits you and Gail.

We will be praying for that.

March 23, 2008 11:41 AM

Karen said...

James MacDonald, Harvest Bible Chapel spoke about this once and I thought it was so very true. We are to enter into worship with a heart of preparation on the evening before the Sabbath. We prepare ourselves to arrive on time, with an attitude of humility and reverence. We shouldn't dress in a way to call attention to ourselves, or do anything that would distract our brothers and sisters from worship either.
When I heard this I realized that staying up late on Saturday, waking up late on Sunday, rushing around, yelling at everyone, driving like a maniac, careening into the parking lot, arriving late and disheveled is not conducive to worship.
The Lord deserves our respect, especially in his house, on his Sabbath.
It's how we honor it and keep it holy. I am writing to remind myself, and to agree with you.

Apple said...

Shew, glad I wasn't late! haha

CFHusband said...

As Louie Giglio says: What if, instead of going to church to worship, we go worshipping to church?