Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy 2 month Birthday Gwyneth!

OK. I'm a grandfather. And like most new grandpas I'm a little goofy about my grandaughter. Today is her 2 month birthday.

Normally I couldn't imagine being super-stoked about 2 months. But nothing's "normal" about her birth and life up 'til now. She's never been out of the NICU. For the first time, at 8 weeks, her mother was able to hold her. I've touched her head, her back, her tiny hands, usually wearing gloves, but I haven't held her yet.

Heck, she's not quite 2 pounds. But she's a fighter. And although I think she looks a lot like her dad, she gets her spirit from her mom.

And even though she's yet to venture out of the hospital, she's garnered the attention and adoration of a host of fans. She's already the second most well-known Gwyneth in the world, and I'm certain she'll surpass the other before long.

Mostly she's a miracle. A true God-thing.

Check out this video celebrating her second month. I bet you'll fall in love with her, too.


Terry Gray Sr. said...

Here's a ^5 to you Rick. You and Gail have done an outstanding job of raising a son that has shown compassion, dedication, and love above and beyond what most of us can even think we can bear. The morale and spiritual backbone of this young father and mother is beyond words. I am astounded to see his life unfold every day and those three are a great inspiration to me. I am sure that others feel this way too.

The best prize of all this is sweet Gwyneth. She will be such a positive force for all of us, I come to tears each time I think of how Nate and his family have overcome all the adversities by the grace of God.

Happy 2 month Birthday Gwyneth! There are a lot people watching and praying for your continued improvement.

Scott said...

I ditto everything the first poster said. Congrats Grandpa and Grandma! I know this whole ordeal has had a huge impact on you guys. Gayle and I pray for you both on a very regular basis. Have a great Lord's Day!

elj377 said...

Here's to a proud grandma and grandpa getting to hold their precious baby! I am touched by your son's story and the greatness of our God! I hope that you get the joy of getting to hold and love on her soon!

Agnes said...

Too, Gwyneth is the only baby in the NICU who is already smiling; so amazing!!

North Carolina Mom said...

When I read this line, "She's already the second most well-known Gwyneth in the world, and I'm certain she'll surpass the other before long." I cracked up! She is my favorite Gwyneth for sure!

~*~Bre~*~ said...

Oh I'm definitely hooked on Gwyneth Rose. I'll never meet her, but I'm totally in love with that precious baby. She is definitely a miracle; and has been blessed by our loving Father!! Her story is truly touching and miraculous.

Brianne in VA

elj377 said...

Yeah for Grandma getting to hold her! Have you had your turn yet?

Rick Lawrenson said...

Not yet. I'm here at Duke today (Friday - got here yesterday evening). But with her on the jet vent right now, holding her is a pretty major ordeal for her.

So I'll patiently wait. But I do get to touch her.