Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pulling an all-nighter at Duke

Gail and I just arrived at Duke Medical Center where our daughter-in-law Tricia is presently undergoing a double lung transplant. She's been in surgery now for a little over an hour, and is expected to be in surgery a total of 7-9 hours (the average).

On the way up to the NICU waiting room (we're hanging out here so we can slip in and visit Gwyneth through the night) I stopped in the cafeteria for a cup of caffeine. Actually the cafeteria here at Duke has excellent coffee.

Gail has slipped back to visit Gwyneth. Agnes (Tricia's mom) is looking at today's pics on Nate's camera. Nate is trying to find something worth watching on the TV. Don, Tricia's dad is on his way from home.

When we get word from the OR or have something else to say I'll update. Check Nate's blog as well during the night if you're up or in another hemisphere!

Thanks for the prayers, Gail drove all the way (3.5 hours) without incident.


Terry Gray Sr. said...

We are on special prayer alert.
Thinking of all of you and praying for the best.

Katie Lamont said...

We are praying for all of you tonight, Tricia and her doctors especially. We love you all and will be with you in prayer through the evening!

Unknown said...

We are lifting you all up in our prayers!!!

Andy Lawrenson said...

Glad to hear Gail didn't get a speeding ticket.

CFHusband said...

sitting right beside you...

My2Girls said...

Rick -

Glad to hear that you arrived safely from the OBX. Good driving, Gail!

Glad you are there with your son. And, ON HIS BIRTHDAY! I am still in awe. SO COOL! God's timing never ceases to amaze me.

Heaven is OVERFLOWING tonight with PRAYERS for TRICIA. No doubt! From God's perspective, can you imagine what it must SOUND like? Really! Think about how many THOUSANDS are praying for Tricia at this VERY moment! So awesome! I bet God is over-joyed by all of his people PRAYING! Nate and Tricia's story truly has sparked a prayer revival.

Praying for the ANGELS to watch over Tricia right now and praying for the team of OR doctors.

Praying for you and Gail, and Don and Agnes. I only know you by name and from reading months and months of your blog, but I feel like I "know" you without having physically "met" you.

Making some "noise" (a.k.a. praying) in Va Beach, VA!

Va Beach, VA

Beebe said...

Praying for your family! What an awesome family you have. Hope you all have a good night :)

marcia said...

So glad to know you have arrived safely! I'm sure it means the world to Nate that you are if wild horses could keep you away!! Hope Gail is enjoying her time with Gwyneth...when the lights are a bit lower, and the chaos a bit quieter at night in the nursery, it's a wonderful time for a Grandma visit! My prayers are with all of you tonight...I can pretty much guarantee I will be awake and praying very frequently throughout the night. Funny how your family has wiggled your way into the heart of this gal from MI...and about a million other people around the world!:)

Unknown said...

I am glad that you made it to Duke safely, and am continuing to pray.

North Carolina Mom said...

Oh wow, this is the day... I'm sitting here in Texas watching two of my daughters play with two of my brother's daughters. I am hoping with my whole heart for Tricia to have time to enjoy her daughter the way I enjoy mine.

mary40 said...

I totally agree with my2girls
My thoughts and prays are with your family and the donor's family and the medical staff at Duke.
praying in ND

danabrown said...

I'll be up all night working - AND PRAYING!

My2Girls said...

Signing off now for a short rest. Will be back to check for updates in a bit.

Constantly thinking of Tricia and your ENTIRE family!

VA Beach

Anonymous said...

Praying for a successful surgery tonight for Tricia...I am also remembering to pray for the donor family because as we rejoice Tricia's gain, there is still a family that is now suffering and grieving a very painful loss tonight. I pray for their strength and thank them for this new gift of life for Tricia. This is a wonderful way for their loved one to live on and I know Tricia values the gift so much. Will check yours or Nate's blog before leaving for work in the am.

amanda said...

Praying for the father, grandfather, and the father-in-law, and ALL of you tonight! Glad you are all able to be together as a family during this night, and praying everyone made/makes it safely to the hospital.

Praying for you all..