Monday, October 29, 2007

Beantown Bonanza

Sometimes things just can't seem to go wrong. Take Boston, for example.

Last night the Red Sox put the broom away after taking the Rockies to school in the Fall Classic. (Wouldn't a Red Sox/Cubs series have been great? Fenway and Wrigley...) That's series MVP Mike Lowell taking a cut to the left.

And their NFL behemoth, the Patriots gave my Redskins their worst whipping since 1961. They seem unbeatable.

Top it off with Boston College's #2 ranking in NCAA Div. I, and there's more excitement in New England than they've had since tea was dumped in the harbor.

Some people just seem to always get the corner piece of the cake.

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CFHusband said...

I'm telling you, the Rockies were a fluke. They were a streaky team that had the best streak at the right time.