Thursday, October 11, 2007

The beehive is active

I've been working in my "temporary office" in the church lobby all day, getting ready for my class on Saturday and putting the finishing touches on my sermon for Sunday.

This place has been hopping!
  • When I arrived at 9AM the Chandlers were inside doing some housekeeping.
  • The mowing service guys were finishing up with the sandspurs...I mean grass.
  • Fred was working on the electrical in the almost done admin area.
  • The plumber came by to repair a porceline wall fixture in the men's room.
  • Randy and Leroy put out some rye grass seed. (Pray for some rain!)
  • Dianne stopped by with a couple of checks for paying bills.
  • My nephew showed up to say "Hi" and to eat lunch with his dad.
  • The concrete contractor arrived to replace some cracked sidewalks.
  • Tom put the finishing drywall touches on my real office.
  • The copier repair guy came by to fix the copier.
  • Randy started painting in the Kids Church room. Bright yellow.
  • A lighting contractor (3 of them) from PA came in to give us a price on theatrical lighting for our auditorium. They happened to be in town working on another project.
  • In a couple hours the band will get here for their practice.

Busy day here at the launch pad.

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CFHusband said...

I missed all the fun...