Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Flashback

After a great lunch with family, I got home to turn on the TV and catch the remaining quarter and a half of the Skins' game. They were leading 17-14. But as it turns out, I would have enjoyed watching golf or bowling more.

Today was our first real "fall" day. Great cool sunny weather. Have you noticed how almost perfect weather makes everyone a bit cheerier? Smiles everywhere at church.

I got to meet more new people, which is always fun. Hanging out in our spacious lobby with a cup of coffee and just talking to guests is one reason I love this new building. We ran into one first time guest at the restaurant. When she saw us she did nothing but rave over her experience in our worship gathering. What perked my ears was her comment about how "genuinely friendly" everyone was. Apparently she's been church shopping, and "believe it or not, not every church is friendly." I wonder why that is.

Two of our Trunk or Treat video ads were shown today. They're a hoot. Great job!!

Amazing worship once again. Chad is stepping up more every Sunday, getting ready for a larger role in leadership once Nathan has to be gone for Tricia's transplant. It's great how the songs tie in so well with the message.

I got a new stool to sit on while I teach. It's super-comfy. Kinda retro looking. At my age I need all the help I can get.

The kids in Kidmo were outrageous today. I don't know if they're having that much fun or eating too many doughnuts when they get to church! And the ladies in the baby nursery said they had TEN babies during the second gathering. Great job, Faith and Bari!! All these kids is a good sign that we're reaching our target. We've gotta get that upstairs finished off for them.

I gave out an assignment to everyone to find someone who had served them this morning and encourage him/her/them with a few words of thanks. I'd love to hear from anyone who got a word of encouragement or who gave one out.

I'm going to miss it next Sunday. I'll be in OK City for the Federation of Fire Chaplains convention, thanks to the town of Nags Head. Lots of classes. But it will be a good getaway for Gail and I. She's already said, "I may have to go shopping".

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