Monday, October 8, 2007

Sunday Flashback

Yesterday was another super worship day at Nags Head Church. And it was a long day, too.

Having been here for going on 17 years and going back to when I literally wore just about every hat with a tiny congregation, it's great to see the church "doing the work of ministry" and getting it done. It allows me to concentrate on my main task on Sundays, which is teaching. God's given us a great team of servants who volunteer and make sure things are running on all cylinders.

One of the exciting things to observe is how our church is learning to worship freely. Sometimes you just can't stay in your seat while you're singing about things like being "finally free" because of the cross.

I hope the messages in this series are connecting. Only time will tell!These are values about which I'm very passionate. As an old pastor of mine used to say, "I'm stronger than horseradish" about the local church.

After church I had lunch with an old friend and retired pastor, Billy Sellers and his wife Pat. It was a pleasant surprise to see them after many years. Way back Billy spoke at a Bible Conference we had here, and later I preached in his pulpit at the historic Meherrin Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, NC. He's now enjoying life in the mountains of western NC.

Then I got to attend the 50th wedding celebration of Paul and Jan Martz. And while there I found out that it was also the 40th anniversary for Don and Agnes Kirschner. Both couples are super role models for younger couples.

Sunday night's communion service was packed out! Wow. Great job by Tom Lee leading the service and by Nate, Josh and Chris leading us to the cross through music. The fellowship around the communion table is super. Gail and I got to sit at a table with new folks who are still checking out NHC. And that's always a treat.

My chili didn't even place in the cook off. I think it was rigged. But everybody got plenty to eat with at least 14 pots of chili and sandwiches and desserts... Even though we dropped the word from our name we're still baptists when it comes to eating.

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Gene Brooks said...

I'd like to know more about the Meherrin Baptist Church.