Friday, November 2, 2007

Trunk or Treat Debrief

We set our goal at 600 - double the 300 who came last year. Our best guesstimate is there were 1000 Wednesday night! At one point there must have been 400-500 there at one time. The place was wall to wall kids and parents.

I could give you the numbers of hot dogs, pounds of candy, bags of pop corn, cotton candy....which were all amazing to us. But the numbers that count are these:
  • Over 400 pieces of Gospel literature were given out to kids and adults.
  • 41 parents asked for more info about NHC ministries to children and youth.
  • So many who said, "Thank you! This is a great thing your church is doing."
  • 100 volunteers from our church community made it happen.

When I get some pictures I'll put some up. Here's the link to a video on Youtube.

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