Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Flashback

It was a cool rainy day today. Don't know if the weather had anything to do with it or not, but the 9AM gathering had a tough time getting up any steam. I found it tough to worship and felt like I was just singing the songs. For me it was probably due to my one mental distractions. I'm going to ask the hospitality team to find a coffee with more caffeine or something.

The 11AM gathering was more like it. And while the earlier gathering was well attended, the 11 was really full. We set out two more tables with chairs, making 4 now and they were used.

The band, sans Nathan, did really well. So did today's tech team of Steve and Matt.

Lots of guests today. Some were here for the holiday weekend, but many are locals checking us out. From the few comments I got, the message was "intense" and really connected (with some, at least). I talked today about "Dirty Jobs" and following Jesus into the dark places.

To top the day off, our annual Vison Conference when we ask the congregation to confirm the next year's budget when super well tonight. Those who attended were our core and they get it. It's another big step of faith for us, but God keeps making it all possible. So we vote to go with God!

One word about the Redskins game. Turnovers kill. But the decision to go for a 4th and a foot rather than the 3 points from the 5 yard line was unexplainable that early in the game and behind by 6 points. It made the difference. Those 3 points would have taken them into OT, and the way their defense was shutting down the other team, and the fact that their offense was driving the field... A bonehead call, Joe. Sorry, but true. Either he's lost it, or he's listening to bad advice.


CJolly said...

Ditto to your thoughts on the two gatherings. Maybe it was all the turkey everyone has been eating.
Oh yeah, the Bengals decided to play for a change!

Andy Lawrenson said...

It could have been the turkey! Chris may be on to something here. Doesn't turkey have carsinigens or some sort of sleep inducing poison?

CFHusband said...

studies have shown that the whole sleepy turkey thing is crock...they say you'd have to eat a whole turkey by yourself to really feel any effects....

Rick Lawrenson said...

My guess is Andy could have done that.