Saturday, November 10, 2007

Killer week almost over

It's 8:34 Saturday night and I'm in my "office" wrapping up a few loose ends before tomorrow morning. Typically you won't find me in my office on Saturday because I try to get everything necessary for Sunday done by Thursday night. But this has been some week. To prove my point I never got to the raquetball court. Not once.

It's all good, but a lot of extra stuff piled on, including both my son and daughter in law and my mother in law moving. And tomorrow morning I'll be here at the church at 6AM with the volunteer team serving the OBX Marathon.

Friday afternoon I got to lead a young lady to faith in Christ. She plans to be baptized next Sunday. So, despite going non-stop, I'm glad there was at least one "divine appointment" for me this week!

What scares me is that I have a hunch next week is going to be a repeat of this one.

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