Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday flashback

It's great to hear Christmas music again in our worship gatherings! And our band does such a great job in making the old songs new.

The message today was about being prepared to follow Jesus into the darkness of the world. I really believe He's using this series to wake us up to the need to be a community of missionaries. And that's very exciting.

What do you say to people who consistently drive for an hour or more to come to your church? We have folks who drive from as far away as Elizabeth City (60 miles) and Columbia (45 miles) every week. That's encouraging. Maybe we should give them a gas card!

This afternoon our kids planned a movie lunch at home. We watched the movie "Hairspray" - yeah, the one where John Travolta is in drag. I confess, I slept through much of it, and what I was awake for...well, let's just say it wasn't my cup of tea.

But the day went out with a bang, for sure. The house was overflowing for our annual church Christmas dinner. We really were overwhelmed with the turnout. And my son, Nathan revealed to the church that he and Tricia are expectant parents. You can read more about that in his blog. I'd encourage you to do so.

It was in many ways a tough week last week. I'm hoping this one is a bit cheerier!

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