Monday, December 3, 2007

Sleeping with someone's grandma

Now that Nathan and Tricia have gone public with their announcement that she is expecting, I can talk about it, too.

I have to confess, my initial reaction when they gave us the news (back in September) was not joy-filled. Humanly speaking her pregnancy came at the very worst possible time for her. She was literally to begin PT the next day in preparation for her double lung transplant that is necessary for her life. A pregnancy eliminated her from being put on the transplant list at the time when she needs it most. So my mixed emotions stemmed from the very real possibility that the odds were against them big time.

At the same time, how can you not be elated with the news that your first grandchild is on the way? I know I have had the grandfatherly look now for several years. It's a genetic thing. But Gail (to me) will never look like a grandma. But trust me, she's ready to be one! And I'm getting more used to the idea myself, and it's not bad! - I mean of me being a grandfather, not her being granny.

A comment was made on Nathan's blog that I want to echo. "Tricia - you are the bravest, strongest woman i know! Nathan, keep holding strong!" These two young people are my heroes. I can't imagine being in their situation and being as strong and courageous. I'm humbled by their faith and their love. In fact, all my kids amaze me.

So I request your prayers for them.

In the meantime I'll get ready for the reality that my bride is a grandmother. My guess is she'll shine like never before.

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nana said...

Nothing wrong with a grandpa. I definitely know there is nothing wrong with being a grandma! It is wonderful. I am very proud of Nate & Tricia, as well, kinda of proud of my big brother, a little.