Monday, December 17, 2007

Sunday flashback

It was pouring rain with a howling wind Sunday morning. And it was a good test for our roof...which failed the test in a few spots. We even had someone get up and run for a bucket to catch the water dripping from the ridge over the auditorium.

But the rain didn't dampen either the attendance or the spirit. Great energy and enthusiasm! To change the seating a bit I added an extra table (now there are six tables set up) on either side and moved them up as well. Our First Impressions guys worked well at finding seating for everyone.

Good mixture of Christmas and non-Christmas songs. The band was excellent in both their sound and their leadership. And "O Holy Night" at the end gave me goose bumps.

After last year's bumper crop of babies at NHC I thought next year would give us a break. But no way. We got the news that another couple is expecting. Let's hope for a boy for Wade! He's got three girls already. At my count we have 4 expectant couples right now. And it's not even winter yet!

Our Honduras Mission trip team lingered after to do some strategizing for their upcoming trip. And the Bensons, our missionaries there in Honduras were all with us Sunday. We're taking up a special offering to buy Larry some socks.

And what do you know? The Skins have some new life breathed into them. Two wins in a row. What a wild game with all that wind. I just hope they save some of their winning ways for the next two weeks, and especially for the evil Cowboys.


TerryKM said...

Sorry I missed the skins game. When I got home I took my temperature and was running around 101 Sunday night. Tonight I'm still running a fever but not as bad.

Unknown said...

as i left on sunday after the service all i could say was "thanks". God's been tugging at my heart strings since because i don't think "thanks" was enough of a response for the wonderful message i heard that day. i guess i was still soaking it in (and thinking of all the people i wish were there to hear it too)i'm still at a loss for words to show my appreciation for the message i received. it was exactly what i needed to hear and i'm looking forward to part 2!! what a fresh outlook on Christmas!!