Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve on the road

With our son and daughter in law temporarily living in Durham due to her medical needs (see Nate's blog) we all (Gail and I, Andy, Misha and Ty, Terry and Sarah and Ramon and Rachel)loaded up Sunday after church and made the drive to spend Sunday evening and Monday morning with them and have an early Christmas celebration.

After dinner at O'Charley's in Durham we returned to their apartment and opened gifts. It was a lot of fun. The picture is our three kids and their spouses.

About noon we're heading back to the OBX to get ready for tonight's Christmas Eve Communion gathering - always a highlight of our Christmas celebration, and our first one in the new building. Tonight we're giving our band the night off and will sing traditional carols.

I'm looking forward to another viewing of "A Christmas Carol" featuring Gen. George Patton, followed by "A Christmas Story" before retiring. Then I'm up at 4AM to get the turkey on the smoker and have it ready for dinner.

We'll have our family (minus Nate and Tricia) and some special friends joining us tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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