Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday flashback

I know it's a holiday weekend and all, but I really didn't expect to be surprised again by the attendance. Extra chairs had to be set up. Thanks to Mike and his team for their quick thinking. We ran out of outlines. Printed more. Still not enough!

There was a lady back again from last Sunday. I called her the other day to thank her for coming. It happens that I had ministered to her 4 years ago when her husband was brought to the ER with a heart attack. (They zapped him 11 times, she said.) She's been "looking for a church" and decided to give us a try last week. In her words, "I wanted to come back the next day and can't wait for Sunday." Today she brought 3 friends with her.

We also had a 35 member youth group from Mill Swamp Baptist Church in Ivor, VA. They came yesterday and worked with our nursing home team to host a New Years party at Britthaven. Obviously our style of worship was new to them. It was strange seeing teenagers looking amazed at our band. One kid came up afterward and shook my hand, thanking me for having a band "that rocked". Even their church music director came up and told me how much he enjoyed the music. Uh oh.

Great job again by the band. Chad's getting more comfortable leading, and they sounded great.

Today I spoke briefly, then we had a conversation with one of our missionary families, the Bensons. It's a great way to explain foreign missions. Our folks really seem to enjoy it when we do this. And the love offering we received for them was over the top! What a generous church.

Thanks to our support teams in housekeeping, the nursery and our hospitality team. What you folks do is so important to the big picture. While what you do is often unsung, it's not without notice.

Now I'm watching the Skins and Cowboys [pardon my french]. 3rd quarter and things are looking good for the burgundy and gold. You're in! Amazing.


CFHusband said...

really missed being there today...

Rick Lawrenson said...

Maybe we can get someone to video tape them for you.