Monday, December 3, 2007

Every church needs a cheering squad

Last Sunday night at our annual budget conference when the church gives approval of our vision for the next year we had a smidgen representation of members present. In fact, had we a requirement for a percentage for a quorum, we likely would not have been able to make a decision.

And to some, that was not a positive sign. "Where are all the members?" Yet the following Sunday evening at our communion gathering and dinner we had an all time high attendance.

What does that say about us?
First, our church has learned that our leadership can be trusted to be seekers of God in making decisions and finding His vision.

Second, those who came out to the budget meeting are the core. And the core of any ministry are also the cheerleaders. They see better than most what God is doing and how He's doing it. They have truly bought into the vision of the church with their lives and their support. (The approval btw, was unanimous.)

Third, that so many come out to a communion worship/fellowship gathering shows where our priorities lie, and that's in drawing close to what really matters: the cross and one another.

I love our church!


Andy Lawrenson said...

Last night was fantastic!
The food was good too.

CJolly said...

I'll second that!! Rah rah go NHC!!!(That was a cheer!)

Mark Edwards said...

from my experience people dont turn up if they are happy, and there is nothing controversial to deal with...its a good sign... :)

Rick Lawrenson said...

Exactly, Mark.
When a church is healthy, one of the dynamics is a congregation that trusts its leadership.

But let there be something controversial in most churches and people who are at best on the fringe of the heartbeat of the church will come in and attempt to dominate.

The Corinthians survived.