Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm in training

Watching the OBX Marathon a few weeks ago as it ran past us on Sunday morning gave me some inspiration. I mean, I know I'm in better shape than some of those guys! So why can't I participate?

I may never run a marathon (pain isn't my friend), but there's a little 5K run coming up on the 15th that I want to try. So Monday I went to the Y and ran 5Ks. First I walked for 5 minutes to warm up. Then I reset the machine for 5K and ran for 40 minutes and a few seconds. The last mile I was clocking 1 mile in 12 minutes. (I learned that 5K = 3.1 miles).

I'm going back today and do it again. This time I'll increase my speed a little.

But there's a price to be paid. Yesterday I was walking around like I needed hip and knee replacements! The soreness isn't so bad today, however.

Anyway, it's fun to be able to look at your son and sons in law and say, "I can run faster and farther than you, big boy". And they know it, too.

Oh yeah. Thank God for hot tubs and advil.


Andy Lawrenson said...

I saw Rick hobbling yesterday. I thought he needed to possibly go to the hospital or something.
Be careful old man!

Agnes said...

You had better be kind to that son and those sons in law because they may be pushing your wheel chair when the knees wear out. Power walking is so much safer at your age.

Rick Lawrenson said...

Safe is for sissies.

Rick Lawrenson said...

OK. So yesterday's run wasn't the full 5 Ks. My runner friend Steve advised me to back off a little. So did my hips and quads. So I only ran about 2 miles.

Oh yeah, Ag. I did put in about 7 minutes of "power" walking, just for you.

Back on the "track" tomorrow.

CFHusband said...'re supposed to work up to the full length...slowly...

CJolly said...

Run Rick, Run!!!

Rick Lawrenson said...

Stupid is as stupid does.