Monday, December 3, 2007

Removing God from Christmas?

Here's the intro statement on a thread in a forum I frequent:
We have a family in our school that will not let their children sing "The first Noel" because, "El is the Hebrew word for God. No, mean no. So Noel is really saying there is no God."

How stupid is that?

Yes, "El" is a Hebrew name for God (ie. El Shaddai, Elohim...). That's Hebrew. And "No" is a word in some languages for negatory, but not in Hebrew. The fact is "Noel" comes from the French word for Christmas.

What was it Jesus said about straining at gnats? Spirituality doesn't equate being dumb.

Merry Xmas. Uh oh. I've done it now...

But the Greek symbol for Christ is...

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Andy Lawrenson said...

That reminds me of the local church a few years ago that had out on their church sign:
"Keep Christ in Christmas.
Xmas Eve Service 7pm"
That still cracks me up.