Friday, September 28, 2007

Trunk or Treat!


Kevin said...

Hey Rick ...what is the meaning behind "Trunk or Treat"? Our church is planning something similar for this Halloween and I was wondering if I could pick your brain?

Rick Lawrenson said...

Hi Kevin,
The church shows up with tons of candy and everyone dispenses it from the "trunks" of their cars. Here we all decorate our vehicles with some kind of harmless theme and most of us wear costumes of some kind.
So it's essentially a "one stop trick or treat" bridging event to the community. We also do hot dogs and sodas. This year we're ramping it up with some other things as well, even some give aways to parents.
Ultimately it's a way of showing the community that we love kids and they are all welcome here.

Kevin said...

Thanks for the information Rick! I love the idea of "Trunk or Treat!" but because of weather conditions we are forced to be inside. Not all of us can live in the south ;-)

CFHusband said...

Google "Trunk or Treat" and you'll get lots to look at. Also, check out our website:

Rick Lawrenson said...

Just curious, Kevin.
Where you live do you trick or treat indoors or outdoors?

If you trick or treat outside, what's the difference? If people can sit for 4 hours at a football stadium in December freezing, why couldn't they sit outside for a couple of hours in October?

Just wondering.

Rick Lawrenson said...

And Kevin,
If it really is too cold, use your creativity and find a way to do it indoors.

Kevin said...

It's not that it's just cold . . . . it is pouring RAIN!! I live in a rainforest. :-) We are defintely bound to doing something inside.

This is going to be our first attempt at something like this and as far as I know no one else in our community is doing anything similar on Halloween. Our purpose is to continue to reach out to the families of our community.

I haven't checked out the website yet but I am going to in order to get the creative juices flowing! Thanks for your responses!