Sunday, September 23, 2007


Andy brought a great message today on consistency. Lots of good stuff to go home with and chew on for a while, too.

It think it was funny that a guy from out of town came today. He looked us up on the web and came to us because he didn't want to go to a Southern Baptist Church! Oops.

A Catholic lady asked me after the service about communion, so I got to explain to her a little bit about what we do.

I was really glad for the Kids Church kids and adults today. They got to meet together again.

Buddy had it going today on his solo parts! And I especially love hearing Thanisha sing the Revelation Song. Great worship again!

Burnie had lots more sign up for Connection Groups. What's so great is that some are people I don't know at all.

And I heard several glowing reports of a new group that started up last night. That's especially encouraging.

I wonder how many noticed that lonely daisy in the pot up on the shelf?

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