Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Facing Felix

As I write this, Hurricane Felix has come ashore in Nicaragua and is headed toward our friends and missionaries, Larry, Sheila and Emily Benson on the tiny island of Helene, Honduras. If you look at a map of Honduras, you'll see a small set of islands off the northern coast. That's them. It's a fragile place, and not where you want to be during a monster storm like this one.

The Bensons are riding it out. Really, they had no place to go. And how do you truly pour yourselves into a culture like the one on Helene - a people enslaved then abandoned on an island centuries ago whose lifestyles haven't changed much in 200 years - and then abandon them in the hour of their greatest need?

They've taken down their satellite dish, which connects them with the rest of the world, so we can only hope and pray that we'll hear soon from them.

God, please be kind to the Bay Islands. Your faithful servants are there. Our prayers go with them.