Monday, September 17, 2007


Sunday started a new series for us that I'm both challenged and excited about. I've made it no secret that we're going through another transition, and in this series we're going to be reminded from the Bible who we are and more importantly, who we're supposed to be as a church. Yesterday was about community and what that means. It should be up on the podcast later in the week.

Oh yeah, I got it right the second time. God will crush Satan under our feet. You figure it out. We don't do the crushing, God does. But He uses our feet. Why? He doesn't have feet other than ours!

Great reviews came in yesterday about the videos! Now everytime you see a red daisy you'll think about coming off the shelf and getting into the community. And thanks to the First Appointment guys who helped with the video, even if their segment didn't make the final product. Burnie found the daisy video and Nate produced the Connection Group video.

Where did all the people come from yesterday? There were about 100 more in church than the previous week. Thanks to our First Impressions team for scrambling and setting up more chairs! I never even knew you had done that until I got up to teach and saw all the extra rows fillled with worshippers. Great job!

Another excellent job by our band in leading us in singing praises. Watch for Chad's tie each Sunday. It will let you know how the ECU Pirates did on Saturday. Great choice of songs, and wow, did everybody sing!

And what church on the OBX had Kelly's Sweet Potato Ham Biscuits to munch on! We did! At least those of us who were at the first gathering did. Thanks Hospitality Team for keeping the table full and the coffee flowing!

Next Sunday, Lord willing, our kids will be able to go back to Kidmo! I know that will excite them.

We registered lots of new people for Connection Groups. I haven't heard from Burnie, but he has a stack of cards. He'll have a table set up for the next few weeks for more sign ups.

Andy's preaching next Sunday, so I might just slip in on Kidmo!!

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