Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Flashback

It's been a busy weekend! Saturday morning the elders spent four hours together visioneering and working on the '08 budget. I'm really excited to get to next year.

It appears that the 11 o'clock gathering is more popular in the fall than the 9 o'clock gathering. That's the opposite of what we typically see in the summer. We had a full house at 11 and the energy level was noticeably higher. As Tom said, maybe it was the caffeine kicking in or the extra sleep!

The out of town guests this time of year are an older crowd than in the summer, too. Fall is a great time to visit here, and it's a lot cheaper. Not that older people are cheap! One guy said he's come every year since 1961. Another couple told me they drove right past us, looking for the little white church with the steeple!

Thanks to Tom for a very different message today. Not being an "arts" kind of guy, I wondered where he was going to go with "The Art in Me". One worshipper told me how great the reading of Genesis 1 went with our eyes closed, imagining the Creator crafting the universe. And he did a great job of bringing in the Gospel.

During the first gathering I got to spend time with the kids in Kidmo. What a great worship tool for them. Lots of creativity there!

I was told that a lady walked out after the second song in the first gathering. And someone said she was an employee of our NC Baptist convention!! She missed a great service! Hope she wasn't sick.

After church we had a huge turnout for our fall picnic. The weather, although a bit breezy (what do you expect on the Outer Banks?) was picture perfect. Lots of great food and plenty of fellowship. I saw soccer games, football, softball, kites and lots of people just getting together. Thanks Fellowship Team for all your work. It was a lot of fun. Joe Carey and I humbled the Staples brothers in horseshoes. You should have known better, Burnie.

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