Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ed and Edith* are in The Present Future

So here I am, reading chapter 2 (see my earlier post on The Present Future) and I find Reggie McNeal talking about Ed and Edith! Here's what he wrote:
The North American church culture is not spiritual enough to reach our culture. In our self-absorption we don't even see the people we are supposed to be on mission to reach. Don't hear this as a call to a "deeper life" spirituality. Often this "spirituality" is just another expression of refuge thinking (allowing Christians to hide out in Bible study). I am talking about a missional spirituality. Missional spirituality requires that God's people be captured by his heart for people, that our hearts be broken for what breaks his, that we rejoice in what brings him joy.
Tough stuff!

*[To meet Ed and Edith, read my earlier blogs about these prototypical evangelicals.]

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