Tuesday, January 8, 2008

You don't send me flowers anymore

A lot of people, upon the news of a child's birth, will send flowers to the mother. And with "Gwyneth Rose", it just occurred to me that some people will be getting ready to do just that.

Let me ask you to hold off. (Sorry FTD).

Both mother and daughter are in intensive care units and plants and flowers are taboo. The reality is they'll both be there for some time to come. Cards? Absolutely! Tricia has a whole wall dedicated to cards and photos. And if you sent flowers, Nate would have to take them to his apartment, and he spends precious little time there.

So patiently wait. The day will come for those kinds of expressions. Now the best thing you can send is your prayers to Tricia's God. But if you just gotta do something more "tangible", why not send a donation to Tricia's Trust Fund at www.65roses4pattysue.com.


the*4*of*us said...

what address can we send a card to?

M said...

I would also like to know where to send a card! Thanks!

Robin said...


Baby Leino said...

We're so grateful to know that you all are with Nathan & Tricia. What a blessing to have family together during times like this.

Jordan & I are only 45-ish minutes from you all. If we can be of any help to you during this time...whether to sit up w/Tricia so family can sleep or to bring meals for the family so you all can stay at the hospital or to just be there as we've walked the NICU road...please let me know. I didn't want to bother Nathan with this as his plate is full. He has our contact numbers & our email is linked to the blog. No pressure at all. Just know we're willing to be helpful if desired. Thanks!

rlmp76 said...


Here is a link that you can use to send an "e-card" to patients at Duke's medical center. I've used these at other major medical centers. Volunteers print them out on a daily basis and deliver them to patients.

Praying for you all!

judi said...

Rick and Gail, congratulations! If you are like most grandparents, you can't wait to hold her in your arms. What an experience (as if you haven't had one) of a lifetime!
Love, hugs & kisses to all. Steve & Judi

Rick Lawrenson said...

I'll find out the hospital address and post it tomorrow.

Rick Lawrenson said...

You can send a card electronically by going here: http://www.dukehealth.org/PatientsAndVisitors/Ecard

Rick Lawrenson said...

If you want to send a card by postal mail, email Nathan and he'll give you a postal address. You can find his email info on his blog site: www.cfhusband.blogspot.com

Tiffany Evans said...


Can you please post 1 pic of Gwyneth on your site? I saw the video but need a pic for something...promise it's for good use.


Rick Lawrenson said...

I'm sure I will post some pics soon. I'm afraid I'm going to start acting like a grandfather.

But as to your question, please ask Nathan about that. You can contact him via his blog.

Mark & Julie said...

Just wanted to show you the continued prayer for Tricia, Nate, Gwyneth and your entire family: http://www.tripletconnection.org/triplet_forum/dcboard.php

You are all in our continued thoughts and prayers.

Kevin said...

The Liberty University prayer force is praying for your family.