Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Turn around" churches

Monday I attended a seminar for pastors and church leaders called "Turn Around Churches". Actually I was invited to be one of four pastors who shared the stories of their churches' comebacks from years of decline.

There were 30 something pastors and a few key leaders from their churches. Most are from churches which are either in decline or have plateaued for whatever reasons. They came to hear from churches who were once in a similar state and to pick up ideas on how to turn the ship.

I learned from these guys and was blessed by hearing how God breathed new life into their churches. The pastors who led the sessions were so passionate about what God was doing in their churches. It was really exciting.

I also was encouraged by the pastors who came to hear. They asked great questions and one indicated that being there gave him hope. Many pastors "inherit" churches that are stagnant or worse and are expected to be miracle workers. Too often those expectations are unrealistic, unfair and unachievable, especially if they don't have the support of the expectors.

Leaders are learners. True shepherds want to see God at work among the flock, changing hearts and lives. I'm hoping to hear from some of them about how they are applying the principles they heard today.


CFHusband said...

But the big question...what are you wearing?!?

Rick Lawrenson said...

Shirt, pants, shoes, socks...?

No, it's not a white shirt if that's what you're thinking. And no, I didn't wear a tie. I haven't gone crazy.

Scott said...

That sounds great Rick, what an opportunity to share what you've learned/are learning to help others. You've been good at that for along time!

Anonymous said...

That wasn't in Atlanta, was it??

Rick Lawrenson said...

No Jennifer. It was in the metropolis of Ahoskie, NC! I got lost getting there.

Andy Lawrenson said...

Rick got lost!!!!!! Ha!
Get yourself a GPS Mr. Map Memorizer. :)

Rick Lawrenson said...

"Lost" isn't really what happened. I got there with no problem. Just got there a different way than I'd been told.

GPS is for sissies.

Ben said...

Hey Rick - I'm a member of a small church in Maryland that is in the beginning stages of a pastor search and I think our leaders would benefit from something like this. Was it locally organized or part of a larger program? Do you have contact info for the person who led the seminar?


Rick Lawrenson said...

Hi Ben,
Email me and I'll send you the email contact.

And thanks for what you're doing for Patty Sue!