Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Flashback

Today was the start of a big summer season for us. Unlike most areas, our church attendance swells in the summer due to our being in a vacation destination. It was exciting to see the house full twice this morning.

Another exciting aspect of today was that our new theater lights were up and running. What an improvement! Our stage has had no lighting since the building was built over a year ago, and we've been getting by. This was a great upgrade!

Today's message was the second in a series called "What If?" and asked "What if I totally trusted in God?". I think last Sunday's and today's will be up on our podcast page later this week.

The band was missing the keyboard today - Gail's out with her healing hand and Bonnie was off with family for the weekend. But the songs were great. I love hearing our band lead us to worship. Can't wait for that CD to come out!

"Up Front" is something we've recently initiated as a time for me to meet guests after the worship gatherings are done and get some feedback from them. It always helps to get a fresh objective reaction to what we do here on Sundays. Typically, here's what they tell us we're doing well:
  • Our church is a friendly, welcoming family and place. "You seem to care that we're here."

  • The coffee and donuts help with making guests feel at home!

  • Our check-in and secure children's ministries put first time parents at ease. And the kids love Kidmo and Lil' K!

  • Our music! Everyone comments on the quality of our band and tech team. A guest who is worship leader at his home church commented on how well everything flowed.

  • Printed outlines that make it easy to follow the message and take notes.

  • Our teaching is biblical.

Next week I'll be teaching on "What if I lived with no regrets?", focusing on moral excellence. See you there!

With Gail gone to Durham for a few days I think I'll go see Iron Man this evening. Don't know much about it except it's a good action flick. She wants to see Indiana Jones and Prince Caspian, so I'll wait for her to get home to see them.


Andy Lawrenson said...

I'm already thinking about additions to the lighting system.

Mrs Redboots (Annabel Smyth) said...

I'm still praising God for the service I led yesterday - God was just so *there* and took the service and ran with it. I was just awed.... and it was all him, not me!

Glad yours went well!

Apple said...

Loved the lighting, noticed it first thing. It seemed darker in the congregation though, were the lights dimmed on purpose?

Rick Lawrenson said...

Yes. We're experimenting.