Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Pop!

All day today is my dad's birthday. I'm going to call him later so we can wish him the best on #72.

A retired pastor, he's in good health and still gets plenty of opportunities to preach. What really charges his batteries is his ministry at the local jail in Hugo, OK where he and mom live.

Don't party too hard.
Semper Fi!

That's him and mom at Sarah's wedding.


Andy Lawrenson said...

Rick! Why didn't you tell me?!
I didn't know that mom and dad were living in jail. Is that some sort of prison ministry parsonage?

Rick Lawrenson said...

Sorry to break the news to you like that.

CFHusband said...

I called him, but he was talking with you!

Rick Lawrenson said...

First come, first serve.

DavitaJo said...

Rick-I started reading your blog after reading Nate's blog. (Do you hear that a lot?) Anyway...I was so entertained to hear that your parents live in Hugo, OK...only b/c I have never even met anyone else that knew where HUGO is! My step-father's parents lived in Hugo for many years, and I remember the people there being so kind when we held each of their funerals there several years ago. aunt and uncle had a terrible motorcycle accident in Hugo almost 12 years ago...and the folks at the little clinic in Hugo basically held her life together with their hands until she could be care flighted to Dallas. I have a lot of love and respect for the people in that town!!!

Davita Campbell