Thursday, May 8, 2008

Grandparent time

It had been 3 weeks since Gail and I were in Durham to visit Tricia, Gwyneth and Nathan. In fact, at our last visit Tricia was still in the hospital. So we made time this week to get away and drove up yesterday afternoon.

Gail was chompin' at the bit to hold the baby. And I have to say it is cool to just sit beside her and watch her with Gwyneth. She's wanted to be a grandma now for several years, just patiently waiting. Me? I was in no hurry to be anyone's grandfather, much less to sleep with someone's grandmother. But I've come around!

Gwyneth has changed significantly in the last 3 weeks, really filling out and looking like she's ready to go home! Her nurse says she has quite the set of vocal cords, too.

So we're here another day, likely driving home Friday morning. It appears life has changed for us in a very positive way.

I understand later today we're going to Babys R Us for some shopping. Is that really part of the deal?


Katrina said...

Congrats Grandpa!! She is such a beautiful baby!!! And you seem truly in love with her!!!

Anonymous said...

Let me tell ya... I'm a young grandma (only 47) and I wasn't really in any hurry either, but I'd never trade it now for anything in the world. And yes, shopping at BabiesRUs is part of the deal. You'll get hooked... we all do, male or female. LOL. Enjoy. Gwyneth is looking great and so squishy with those cheeks. Aren't chubby baby cheeks the BEST???

jamie said...

Oh yeah, Rick, Baby'sRUs is just the beginning!!! Come on. Can you honestly say baby shopping for your little grandaughter isn't the MOST FUN you ever had? While shopping anyhow :) Enjoy. They grow up just as fast as their parents did! Little Gwyneth has sure been busy growing,hu? She is a cutie patootie!!!
God Bless you all,
Jamie in Texas

Thodgson said...

a little sweet potato indeed! I can't wait for all of them to get back to Nags Head!! Give them hugs from us.

Marsmile said...

You are too funny, Gramps! Definitely can see where your son gets his sense of humor from! ;-)

Glad you enjoy being with your lil granddaughter and you should be! Grab as much time as you can with her-- these good memories will be planted in Gwyn's mind for her to remember when she's older. I know they will be wonderful memories! :-)

Have fun shopping for and spoiling the beautiful, cherub-cheeked babe!

Take care,
Marissa :-)

Unknown said...

YAY for time with Grandma and Grandpa!!!

marcia said... sure is part of the deal! :):) Even if you're not into shopping, I can just about guarantee that the smiles on Gail's face with be well worth the trip! It is mind-boggling, the choices available in baby gear these days! But there is absolutely nothing that is too good for the little Gywneth, now, is there? :):) You are going to absolutely LOVE having that little girl back home in a few short weeks....welcome to the wonderful world of grandparenting. Ain't nothin' like it! :)

Terry Gray Sr. said...

How cute. You look as if you are about to burst. Congrats! I know the just makes you smile all over. God is good, and he has blessed your whole family with Gwyneth.


Maya Resnikoff said...

From the grandchild's perspective- I just want to let you know how very much seeing my grandparents regularly has meant to me growing up. I know it was great for them- but it gave me a sense of my family that I think a lot of kids these days lack, and a real relationship with them rather than a superficial one. Gwyneth is going to be terribly fortunate having both you and your wife around. Remember that, when the silly shopping stuff gets dull.