Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Flashback

Mother's Days are always good days, but I think this one was perhaps the best I can remember.

Every Mom was able to have a free family photo taken today. George and Rich were set up in the lobby with a makeshift photo studio. We'll get them developed and have them out to them by next Sunday. And I want to have a collage done of them all to put up on the wall somewhere.

Families are important to us at NHC. Nothing brings smiles to moms like Mother's Day. They are so appreciative upon hearing "Happy Mother's Day". My talk today was about things moms need. Earlier in the week I did a survey, asking for the top three things they needed as mothers. The response was great. They sure didn't mind sharing! I also asked earlier for a "reason why your mom rocks". Nathan put the responses into a slide show, which I incorporated into the message.

We also did parent/child dedications today for two families. The parents promised to rear their children up to know Christ and to love them unconditionally. Great job MP 13 Band, Tech Team, Kids Team, First Impressions, Hospitality Team, Nursery...everybody!

After lunch at my daughter's along with her in-laws, we're back at home resting up. Great day!


00 said...

I LOVE the "free family photo" idea :-) What an awesome way to treat all the moms :-) I'm sure that they all loved it.

Andy Lawrenson said...

We took a sweet photo!

Ed and Jamie said...

Just curious what ended up being the top 3 things they needed?

Apple said...

Compliments from my in-laws on the service and message.

Thanks also for the photo...I just realized that this is my first Mother's Day with my baby boy in my arms. So this is going to be a special photo for me.