Saturday, November 22, 2008

They're going to exterminate you...

Today at our yard sale I was approached by a man who said he wanted to ask me about our church. "Sure!", I said. I'm always excited to answer sincere questions.

But he really didn't want to ask about Nags Head Church. What he wanted to do was "educate" me about the "new world order".

Him: "Have they contacted you yet?"
Me: "Who is 'they'?
Him: The "new world order".
Me: "And who is that?"

Lots of nebulous answers to my questions. All the while he's holding a copy of Christian author Larry Burkett's fictional novel "The Illuminati". It had been sitting in a pile of books on sale.

"You need to read this", says he. "It's all in here. This is the most important book you'll ever read."

"How about the Bible?", says I.
"OK. After the Bible it's the most important book...".

"But this book (Illuminati) is fiction." I'm wondering where he's going from here.

"No it isn't. Do you see who wrote it?" (Larry Burkett, now in heaven, was known for his financial counseling from a biblical perspective.)

"Yes", I said, taking the book from him and turning to the author's intoduction page. "Look right here. He says it is 'purely fiction'."

His response didn't surprise me. Conspiracy theorists have the answer to everything, even when the facts refute them. "He had to say that in order to get it published."

Right. Burkett was willing to risk his life's work under the pretense of a lie? I think not. He was a man of integrity and character.

Then he asked, "Do you know what they're going to do to you? They're going to exterminate you."

I said, "That's OK. I know where I'm going and Who wins in the end and Who is in control."

"And", he continued, "they're going to exterminate your church".

He didn't care for my answer. "That's all right, too. We're citizens of another kingdom and this life is just dress rehearsal for eternity anyhow. God's got a plan and His plan wins, not any 'new world order'."

Everybody believes in something, don't they? I've heard his fables before. And even if they were true, God is sovereign. Any "new world order" will one day be replaced by a kingdom yet to come. For that reason I don't have to live in fear of what may or may not happen.


Roxanne said...

HHmm.. wonder what his purpose was? Did he think you were going to thank him for enlightening you, quit your job and run for the hills?
Poor guy. Maybe he picked up some truths from you anyway.

Rick Lawrenson said...

I don't think either one of us came away with a convert!