Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Flashback

Our gatherings this "Celebration Sunday" were to hear from the church how God worked in our lives through the 40 Days of Purpose. This was our second time (2003 was our first) to go through the 40 Days, and the impact was just as great, if not greater.

The songs were celebratory. Our decoration team made the place festive with balloons. And during the message we heard from a number of believers, both seasoned and babes, about their groups, their answered prayers, their worship. Nothing pumps this pastor up more than hearing God's people tell of His mighty works in their lives.

Let's live what we learned and pass it on.

It was rainy today (even inside during the worship!). Thanks to our First Impressions guys with the umbrellas helping keep folks dry from the parking lot to the building. That's a great first impression!

Tonight our church approved our 2009 budget at our annual church conference. Who knows how the coming economic picture will effect us, but who knows how many doors it will open to ministry and mission either? Let's be ready for whatever and show ourselves to be faithful and useful to our God in our community and world.


CFHusband said...

The past few Sundays have been some of our best ever...I don't think there are many things more powerful than hearing from people about how God's Word is changing their lives.

Andy Lawrenson said...

The quotes from on the big screen from the impact of God's Word in their lives was totally awesome.