Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Happy Veterans Day! Thanks to all who have given years of their lives and in the prime of their lives to defend and protect the freedoms we value and love.

And to those currently serving, especially in the Middle East, may you come home safely, soon and to a grateful nation.


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Debs said...

Amen! especially to the grateful part.

Terry Gray Sr. said...

Good post Rick, I was happy to attend our local veterans event at Kill Devil Hills today. I was so proud that Molly got to lead the pledge and as I stood watching the Americian Legion post perform, I was moved by the fact that the folks that perform these type of services still have that twinkle in the eyes, even though the bodies have become old and brittle. I was very aware of the fact of their dedication to honoring those that have served, but I was humbled by the fact that they professed their belief in God as the provider of strenght, and of moral values that we all aspire to obtain.

It was a good day, one in which sinners like me can rejoice in.