Monday, November 10, 2008

From the halls of Montezuma...

The Marine Corps is a part of my heritage. And one that brings me pride.

Dad went from the reserves to active duty when I was three. I grew up watching him clean his rifle, spit-polish his boots and shine his belt buckles. I remember when I was, I don't know, five or six, how ecstatic he was when he was promoted to sergeant. I've had my share of "high and tight" haircuts from the PX barber. We saw him off to a year in Okinawa, then two years later to a tour in Viet Nam.

But it goes farther than my dad. My great-grandfather (mom's maternal side) was also a Marine. He lied about his age and as a 16 year old joined the Marines and served as one of only 500 sailors and Marines in China over 100 years ago during the Boxer Rebellion. I have fond memories of Pop sharing his personal pride in being a Marine. A cousin still has Pop's uniform, in mint condition from his days as his company's bugler.

So to all the Marines, past and present, Happy Birthday. You are the few, the proud.

Semper Fi.


Michael Infanzon said...

Semper Fi!

Rosi said...

Thanks, Rick! I'm a Marine Mom, and I feel the pride!

Ok - so he's a Marine Veteran ... but you know what they say - "Once a Marine, Always A Marine."

Please pass my deep gratitude and appreciation for his service - I have nothing but admiration for him as a christian, father, pastor, husband, and Marine! He made a far deeper impact on my life than he will ever know.

Rosi said...

Oops - please pass my deep gratitute TO YOUR DAD!!!!

chocolate hug said...

My dear little brother is going to OCS this summer. He is continuing the family tradition (dating back to the Civil War) of serving our country in the armed forces. What a blessing that our country has families willing to put their life on the line for our freedom and safety.

May God continue to bless and keep your family.