Saturday, November 1, 2008

Building Bridges

At our annual Trunk or Treat event last night over 400 family groups visited. There were inflatable rides; fun games; over a half-ton of candy given out; free food and drink and all in a safe family environment.

Was it expensive? A little. Did it take a lot of work? Yeah. About 80 volunteers from our church made it happen. Was it worth it?

Along with the 1,000 children who had an incredibly fun night there were another another 500 or so adults who witnessed a church giving back to the community.

Everyone was smiling. Where do you find that anymore?

Every family received a printed presentation of the Gospel.

Every family was welcomed and told "Thanks for coming. We're glad you're here!" And they heard that without being asked for anything in return. "Wow" was a frequent response.

The whole event screamed loud and clear, "This church loves kids and their parents, knows how to have fun and do it in an excellent way".

At least one that I've heard from so far was able to share his personal faith story for the first time in a long time.

Once again "TEAM" was emphasized as a huge part of being a church.

Was it worth it?


Andy Lawrenson said...

After a quick glance this afternoon I counted 30 parents that checked off on their card for the drawing for the $130 restaurant gift certificate package that they wanted info on NHC and our children's and youth ministries. It will be cool to see how many families get plugged in at NHC as a result.

Thodgson said...

It really is super cool to serve with @80 others - where everyone is all smiles bringing this all together. What was the best for me this year? My little girl started K this year and had invited friends from school. The excitement that overhelmed her when she saw 5 of them come was the best.

Bonnie said...

it was cool to be able to invite my students and see some of them show up. And they had FUN!

Jeremy Keegan said...

Thank God once again for your church being a group of people that consistently shows God's love to those around them. You all are truly an inspiration. A half-ton of candy??? WOW. Sometimes you gotta go big to show them you mean it. Wait, make that every time. Way to go big!