Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I exercised my privilege

I've heard a lot of people talk about their "right" to vote. I'm no constitutional expert, but I think it's more like a privilege than a right. Kind of like getting a driver's license.

Got there early. At 7:15AM. Stood in line about 25 minutes, which was far longer than ever before here in Kitty Hawk, and I've voted here since '92.

I did inquire as to why no one asked to see any ID. All I had to do was give my name, my address and sign an paper saying I was me. The answer was that in NC identification is not required. How stupid is that?

My daughter Sarah is registered in her state of residence and voted there. Yet her name was below mine in the local registration. My wife could have come back and voted as Sarah and unless someone knew she was not, "Sarah" would have "voted" twice. I wonder how much this is happening... I'll try not to lose too much sleep over it tonight.

Then I got an email telling me that a friend's entire batallion in Iraq has not been able to vote because someone over there dropped the ball in getting ballots to them. Guys (and gals) are asked to be willing to fight under our flag but haven't been able to vote to choose their next Commander in Chief. How wrong is that?

So, despite all our technology we're still not much more than a banana republic when it comes to counting legitimate votes, it seems.

I'm glad my faith is not in America but in a God Who has it all under control. Yet, (before some of you crucify me), this is still by far the greatest nation on earth.


Tabitha said...

I come over from Nate's Blog

and Im a first time voter, 21 years young, and on my card it said to bring ID but when i tried to show it to the guy at the polling place, he said it was "illegal" for him to see it? He said there are only 3 reasons to have to see it, and he didn't tell me those reasons either....

and i heard about the absentee ballots of some of the troops not getting over here on time too...

but it does make you wonder.

Ps: i live in reno... THE most critical swing county!

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Anonymous said...

I like banana republic...