Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Flashback

Today was our annual Ministry Fair at NHC, and I thought it was the best ever. Tom Lee, our Pastor of Ministries, along with a lot of help, put together the "fair", which profiles all of our 25 ministry teams and encourages involvement. It's not the only time we focus on serving God by serving one another during the year, but it is the the big push every year to get new church members to plug in.

And cool iServe t-shirts, Tom!

Instead of a "full-length" sermon today I spent 20 minutes of my time interviewing Mike and Tina, a couple who volunteer and are leaders of the Children's Worship team (Tina) and the First Impressions team (Mike). They get it, and our hope was their passion for serving would catch on with those who might be standing on the sidelines. I think they did an awesome job of sharing their stories.

Our Video Production Team put together an outstanding video that highlighted most of our teams. It did a great job showing how much joy there is in serving others.

A few weeks ago we were bummed that our Krispy Kreme source was no longer going to be there. But then Starbucks stepped in with bagels, muffins, etc. And Kellys keeps sending the sweet potato biscuits. God is good!

I don't know how it is that to me it seems every week at NHC gets better and better. But it does. Our church has such a joy and passion for getting together. This truly is dress rehearsal for eternity.

And next week our focus is missions. Can't wait.


Nancy H. said...


You are right. Our church does get better and better each week. Sometimes it takes way too long for Sunday mornings to get here.


Agnes said...

25 teams,wow!!!! I did not realize, until today, how " Un- plugged" I have become. Mike and Tina did the best job ever of defining church body ministry. Great Sunday...and after taking Frank to work, Don and I went to dinner at La Fagata.

Terry Gray Sr. said...

What an awesome Sunday today Rick. But they always are. As I listened to Mike speak about how he was greeted by Steve and others when he first came to NHC, and how he wants to make sure he greets people and gives them the impression of how this is a neat place and the feeling of wanting to come back, I want to say, Mike truely does that, like many of the other members.

And one more thing, if I may borrow it from you,
NHC does Get it!

Thanks for another great day of worship and fellowship.

Anonymous said...

I was sitting in church today and somehow my small group had all ended up on the same row. (I know it's because we're more friends now, than just small group members.) At the same time, I was listening to a couple of my other friends and small group members as you interviewed them...feeling like part of my heart was up there with them, supporting them.

And sitting there, in the midst of my small group, friends, and partners of the church...I had such a feeling of belonging, purpose, and peace.

It was a God thing and I love being part of a God thing.

Megan and Company said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.. NHC is good. If you wanna be the BEST you must get corn fritters. We're coming down in a few weeks, you get corn fritters in your welcome center, and we're sold!

Brenda said...

Truly there is no place I'd rather be on Sunday mornings than NHC.

Denise said...

I wish I didn't live hours away, I long to be part of a church that gets better and better! I long to be excited again about being part of a church! Do you have a Sunday shuttle to and from the nearest airport? LOL

Keep up the faithfulness!


Rick Lawrenson said...

Bummer Denise! The closest airport is 75 miles away, too.

I think every believer longs to be part of a healthy, functional family.

If you're part of a church that isn't become part of the solution and pray for and work toward the changes needed.

If change isn't possible ask God to move you to a church family that is healthy.

My heart genuinely hurts for believers hungry for a genuine fellowship and mired in stagnant churches.