Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Flashback

The last Sunday of August! Summers for us is our busiest time of year. Being in a resort area means our population explodes June through August, and that also means that attendance at church swells from the vacationers seeking to worship with us.

After a four week series on holiness with the help of Matt Glock we jumped back to our series on the life of Moses today, talking about how easy it is to go from proclaiming our devotion to God in one breath to finding God substitutes in our lives with the next. Israel did it. Their leadership failed them. And they likely had unresolved issues with God after leaving Egypt. All of it came to a head when they crafted a golden calf and proclaimed it to be the LORD.

The MP 13 Band intro'd two new songs for us today. The first, "In Christ" gave Larry C. and opportunity to add his saxaphone to the mix. Great job! The second, "You Alone are God" was a great song to give us time to do some introspection about the possibility of idols in our lives.

A couple of encouraging comments today. First came from one of our partners who along with her husband is seeking God's will in a difficult situation. She said that it was just like God was speaking directly to her this morning. (My guess is she was right!) The second one came from an elderly couple who were guests from out of town and who are members of a very different church. She actually attended NHC as a girl back in the 1940's when on vacation! But she said she looked around at all the young people in church and was so excited!

Following the worship our leadership team, about 15 of us today, had lunch together and shared what God is doing in our ministry teams and talked about how we deal with conflict as leaders. Good stuff. We have the best volunteer leadership ever.

I got to run upstairs after the meeting and take a look at the progress in the Kids Zone. The painting is almost done and the tile floor in the bathroom is coming along great. Can't wait until we have kids up there learning and worship and growing in Christ!

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