Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Flashback

I'll never get tired of saying how beautiful it is to watch Nags Head Church in ministry and mission every Sunday. Today was one of those "Do we have too much going on for it to be a genuine worship experience?" kind of days. But God pulled it all together so well, from the first song to the expressions of love and thanks shared with our intern Matt French. It was really a God day.

Matt Glock and I again did a "tag team" message - this time on personal holiness. It's about being in agreement with God and living it out. It seemed to flow well as we passed the baton back and forth leading us to the personal checkpoint of communion.

Again serving communion for two big crowds was handled flawlessly by our guys. Mike does a super job getting all the logistics worked out.

Back Pack Sunday was a lot of fun and seeing all the donated school supplies coming in is exciting. Jenny stayed late after church sorting it all out. We're hoping and praying that this outreach will again say loud and clear to our community that Christ is loving them through us. There is still time to bring in supplies before Wednesday night!

This week the band did a scaled down acousitc version of "What Do I Know of Holy" with Nate on the guitar and George on the harmonica. Real quiet and reflective! Well done.

I had time after church to go out and grab some lunch before the start of my Discovering Nags Head Church class at 3:00. Ten men and women took the class that introduces our church to those wanting to know more about who we are. All ten finished by saying, "We want to partner with this fellowship". This has been our greatest year of growth. Special props to Bethany and Melissa who came in and did some child care for the class. Thanks for your servants' hearts.

And what amazes me about this is that of the ten, five are from live in surrounding counties, some driving an hour or more each way to get to church. How is it that we're bcoming a "regional" church? God's doing something very cool.


CFHusband said...

It was certainly a different Sunday morning, but a good one.

judith said...

Sunday morning was special. Yes the tag team was very effective and Rachel singing w/guitar & harmonica was beautifully inspiring. How does anyone walk away from that type of service not in awe(dare I say)of the message and music being presented? It isn't about us & what we do, it is about God using us as His hands & feet, His Glory shining so bright you almost need to wear sunglasses inside. Thank you Pastor Rick and Matt for being open to God's Word and presenting it in such a wonderful simply elegant way for us "to get it". As for the NCU class, Jody came home with a something about him that I have been praying for, for years. It was "peace" and yet a hunger. Thank you!

Barbara Kay said...

I love it when the connections between song, message, collections and announcements are all so obvious and, yes, purposeful! A woman visiting with us this Sunday came by the church today to drop off notebooks for Operation Backpack. She said her family attends lots of churches when they are vacationing but Nags Head is their "favorite beach church by far." More evidence that Sunday connected!