Friday, August 28, 2009

Show some respect, please.

In the past couple of days I've been dismayed by the less than compassionate way many bloggers, Facebookers and especially conservative talk radio hosts have attacked Sen. Ted Kennedy.

For Pete's sake (not sure who Pete was) the man gave his life to serving our country. He cared for the poor, and as one born to wealth saw it as his calling in life to defend the helpless.

Just because you didn't agree with his politics or some of his personal choices in life doesn't mean you should hit the man below his belt as he lies in state.

Show some restraint, please. And lower our flag to half mast. It is our flag, not yours.


Allison and Jeffrey Tomasek said...


marie said...

Thanks Rick. Well said.

GinnyBerry said...

Very well said. Thank you.

CFHusband said...

one reason I appreciate not having a newspaper or cable tv in my home...although I could have guessed as much.