Thursday, August 27, 2009

Check your back pocket - part 2

I'm still mulling over the "Cash for Clunkers" deal. You know, the government gave away $4500 to people who traded in their cars in the way of credit for purchasing a new car.

So now after all those trade-ins those driving around in their still new car smelling rides are getting a taste of government freebies. Your $4500 we "gave" you toward your new car purchase is taxable income. What? The dealer didn't disclose that information?

Gotta read that fine print, especially when it's printed on government stationery.


CFHusband said...


that is all.

marie said...


Allison and Jeffrey Tomasek said...

Again I feel like I'm the lone defender of our Commander-in-Chief on your blog, but simply calling President Obama, Prez, is disrespectful.

How about naming something positive out of the deal?

Sec. Ray LaHood stated about the program: “That’s loans that have gone out to credit unions and banks and salesmen that are making commissions, and it’s the car manufacturers particularly -- GM that’s saying they’re going to call back people to make more cars. This is a win-win for people all over America. And for the economy."

As the daughter of a Credit Union CEO, I know that my father's financial institution (which has always been fiscally stable) is even more so after the loans for these new vehicles have been made.

It sounds like you don't approve of "government financed incentive programs". I assume you will not ever receive Medicare or Social Security. Though they aren't "incentive" programs, they are government funded and an ideal of the Democrat party and funded by your precious tax dollars and you seem to not like those kind of programs.

Why are you so angry at these programs?

Also, for someone who has been so vocal against this administration and during the election, I hope you only express these viewpoints on your blog and not from the pulpit as your church has tax exempt status as offered to you kindly by our "government" that gives your church, in a round about way, a "government funded incentive program" in hopes that you will utilize the offerings to help the poor, feed the hungry and spread the golden rule without Uncle Sam breathing down your neck for your 1040 form ever April 15th.

How many people in your own congregation took part in this program and are driving new cars they may have needed but were unable to afford? How many visitors or future visitors to your church took advantage of this program will you have offended by the way you worded your opposition to the program and those who participated?

Finally, with regards to your post today, only certain states require that the $4500 rebate for the Cash for Clunkers to be taxable. Maryland and South Dakota are two states identified on

According to

You don't have to claim the money in the federal tax return if you're a consumer but the rules are different by state for state returns. So, you may have to pay taxes to your state. So make sure you ask what the rules are in your area.

This program was beneficial for many including our government. I did not take part in it.

But while I didn't trade in a clunker or receive any cash, I am able to see the positives this program provided to many and to this country.

GM recalled hundreds of workers. Failing dealerships who were laying off employees are now able to retain these employees a little long while waiting for an even longer turn around instead of laying off these employees thus raising our national unemployment rate (I'm guessing you're against unemployment benefits for people who have lost their jobs). Not to mention the positive effect it had on our GDP

But, I'm sure I didn't sway you with my lengthy post. I just would like to see you say something nice about our President. After all, regardless of party affiliation, he deserves are respect.

marie said...

Hi Allison!

I am a member of NHC and I actually voted for Obama. Believe me it was not easy because of the abortion issue but I felt that he would get us out of Iraq and back to Afghanistan. While I am absolutely positive that I am in the minority in my church of people that voted for him, I am proud to say that we as a body prayed for his safety and for wisdom for him and all of our elected officials.
He has disappointed me in some areas but I really believe most people want him to succeed.
I was never a fan of the clunker program because I felt that people who made really bad choices in buying those gas guzzlers shouldn't be rewarded with any kind of incentive to trade them in. So, having them have to claim it as income made me feel a whole lot better about the deal! That IS the only thing positive about the deal. Score one for the government! Score one for my home state of Maryland!
Pastor Rick doesn't need me to defend him but just so you know, he never preaches politics from the "pulpit." I don't think that is necessarily true of other churches (Obama's former church) and the funny thing is that Obama actually overstepped the bounds on that the other day when he was encouraging Jewish and Christian leaders to back him up on his health care plans in their "pulpits". I hope you don't think that was okay? You can't have it both ways.
I still like Obama but I am having some buyer's remorse on certain issues.

Rick Lawrenson said...

Hi Allison,
My, you certainly read a lot into some very brief blog posts!

Something positive out of the clunker deal: Car dealers moved a lot of inventory and junk dealers are thriving financially. Those are good things.

But here's another beef I have with the clunker program. And it should ring your liberal bell. How many single moms struggling to either get off of welfare could have used a decent running used car to help them get to work and maybe a better life?

Why couldn't the better of those cars been given to charities who could have refurbished them and either given them or sold them for a pittance to those who otherwise can't afford a car? Instead good cars that could have blessed a poor family were needlessly destroyed. I think we missed a great opportunity there to do some real good.

You see. I do care about the poor, the needy, the disenfranchised. I just don't see it being government's role to become the banker and financier for the needy. Rather I would prefer we did it through the private sector, whether that be charities like I mentioned above or businesses receiving incentives that allow them to create real jobs that stimulate the economy.

The difference is that you and I see very different Americas.

I find it humorous that a supporter of President Obama (and we know his past church history) would question that I might interject my political views from the pulpit. I find it even more humorous that you would question me about mingling politics with my preaching a week after our president suggested I do that very thing.

You can't have it both ways. If it's good for the goose it's good for the gander.

I lead our church in prayer for our president. (BTW I mean no disrespect in calling him "prez", just like you might mean disrespect calling Mr. Bush "W".)

But as an American I can disagree with him, even voice that disagreement via a blog because of my 1st amendment rights. I feel he's leading us away from what made this nation great. I don't doubt his patriotism or his sincerity.

And because this is my blog I can say what I please. If you disagree, you have that right, and I respect your difference of opinion. But please understand this is my blog. It gives me a chance to share my thoughts and opinions. If you share your's on here it's only because I am kind and open minded enough to allow it.

Rick Lawrenson said...

Oh, and no, Medicare and Social Security are not "government funded". They are the result of my being taxed so that those benefits are there when I need them.

The government funds nothing without taking the funds from hard working Americans. I'm glad to do my share. My Lord said to give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's.

I just wonder how my grandkids are going to pay for the shortfalls?

Rick Lawrenson said...

And oh yeah, again.

Uncle Sam doesn't have to breathe down my neck to get my 1040 every April 15. He gets his fair share from me, I assure you.

How many in my church took advantage of cash for clunkers? I have no idea. Maybe none. I don't concern myself with who is driving a new car. But we have, in our church, purchased cars for widows who couldn't afford one. Is that what you were talking about?

Say something nice about our president...I think he is a great family man. He obviously loves his wife and children and sets a great example for us all.

Allison and Jeffrey Tomasek said...

Well, in WV we have seen a lot of dealerships utilize the best of those "clunkers" to be donated to organizations like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and the like. I took it for granted that other states were doing that as well.

Yes, it is your blog and I respect your right to say what you want and how you feel, but as someone trying to return to Christ and His church it's frustrating when it was his followers and church leaders who caused me to leave in the first place.

I just find evangelical churches to rigid and at times discriminatory. I'm a minority at the new church I've been attending. The minister is a good soild man whose son is in prison and daughter a single, unwed mother. He would be the last to throw stones. I feel almost safer and happier there because even the pastor's own circumstances show me he is human and God is still a working force in his life. Does that make any sense?

I guess it's just from seeing too much "family value speaking, religion toting republican" politicans having to apologize to their wives and their constituants about their affairs, defend their "wide stances" and lie about hiking the Appalachian Trail while doing the Tango South America.

I'm sorry if you felt attacked or offened. I "spoke" for said place and it wasn't approprate. And I apologize.

CFHusband said...
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CFHusband said...

deleted my last comment...what's the point.

marie said...

I have been disturbed by the Sanford situation as well. I thank God that Edwards was not elected...can you imagine what our country would be going through with that mess?
Having said that and realizing that we are all human and fall short of perfection, we can't put our trust in any human, politician, or religious leader. Only God deserves that kind of trust.
But, we can be discerning in who we choose to follow or support. From what you said about your pastor, he appears to be compassionate and very able to relate to the average person. That's all good but remember to make sure that his words and deeds match up to what God's word says.
I prayed for your journey in finding the right church that you can become a part of and grow and serve with joyful fellowship.
Who knows? You may have found it!
Pastor Rick can give you lots of wisdom in this area.

Allison and Jeffrey Tomasek said...

Just letting you and your son know I will no longer be a follower of either of your blogs. Honestly, I prefer to learn of God and his Son from others who don't feel like talking with me is pointless. kthanksbye.

Rick Lawrenson said...

Sorry to hear that Allison, but not surprised.

You can't and won't learn of the Son of God by trying to superimpose His teachings on to a political agenda of any color, red or blue.

He didn't come to change the world by political means. He came to die for our sins. No government of human making will usher in His kingdom.

I hope sincerely that one day you figure that out about Him, regardless of what you think of His followers.

CFHusband said...


talking with you isn't pointless...venting my frustrations on you is pointless and why I deleted my last comment, but, per your patter, you've again jumped to conclusions...that's unfortunate.