Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Flashback

After three Sundays of doing tag-team messages with him, Matt Glock flew solo for us today and talked from Isaiah 58 about our holy mission in this world and how we must be proactive in confronting injustice, protecting the abused, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor. It's when we live the Gospel that we're able to gain a hearing from those who haven't heard.

Matt and Sylvie and family fly back to France tomorrow after almost 2 months here with us. It's always great to have our missionaries be able to stay for extended visits. When they come back in two years the kids will all be grown up!

Kudos to the MP13 Band for doing a superb job leading our worship today sans Nathan. He was off to Chapel Hill for a wedding, but they didn't miss a beat, although Chad missed a guitar string for a song or two.

During the 2nd gathering I was able to slip in and visit our Lil' K class. It was amazing to see a dozen or so pre-schoolers totally captivated by the lesson on having an ear to hear Jesus' words. I can't wait for them to get upstairs in their new digs soon.

Nate has produced a series of videos that use the Geico caveman theme to promote our September launch of our Connection Groups. Great job on the videos! They've been brief but a lot of fun. Speaking of Connection Groups, I was part of this afternoon's group leader training. Twenty one of us spent 3 hours getting ready, including 2 guests from another church getting ready to launch small groups. Great stuff, Burnie!

When we left the lobby was jammed with youth. The threatening weather chased them indoors tonight, but they were having a blast. Thanks for the hot dog!

The Glocks are stopping by to say goodbye in a few minutes. And Nate and Tricia are coming by to pick up Gwyneth and Meka, who have been here since Friday. After they're gone I'm headed to the fire station to spend the night protecting the town of Nags Head!

Can you believe there's only one Sunday left in August? Mike tells me that our attendance this July was 200 per week more than last year. Amazing. We really do need that additional space upstairs for our kids! Go God!

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